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Phoenix Fire Original Broadway Style Production: Green Show 7/29/23


Starring the 2023 Phoenix Fire Prodigies from the Ignite and Blaze programs.


"Life is Art" is the story of a traveling dance theatre company, led by the magically rambunctious Leading Player, who has just arrived in a town near you. Our story begins with Fiona, a heart-broken teenager who recently lost their father to cancer. In an effort to say their final goodbye, Fiona defies her mother's orders and takes a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC to view her father's last piece of artwork. But, The MET, at night, is not what it appears to be during the day. The art and statues come alive and we meet a cascade of characters!


All dancers perform in both shows.


When: Saturday, July 29th 2023

Where: Peter Norton Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, New York NY 10025

Time: 3PM - 4:15PM

Please note that this performance does not include the award's ceremony which is why the cost is less than the Purple show. 

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