Welcome to
Phoenix Fire 2018

Dear 2018 Prodigies!

Welcome to Phoenix Fire 2018. We are thrilled to have you join us for the biggest experience of the year. It’s time to, as Ms. Frizzle says, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.” (but not too messy – this is dance) :) In this Welcome Page, you’ll find all things Phoenix Fire. As we get closer to the date look for periodic updates, which will also shoot out to you via email. Let the countdown begin.

General Info

General Registration

Sunday, August 12th 2018 1-2PM This is a registration window so please arrive anytime during this period

Liberate Artists Dance Captain Registration + Audition (Optional)

Sunday, August 12th 2018
10-11AM / Dance Captain Registration
11-12:30PM / Dance Captain Audition *Dancers ages 12+ (or dancers who will be 12 by Jan 31 2018). Please review all audition requirements prior to the audition. Please note: no parent observation will be allowed for the audition.

Welcome Ceremony

Sunday, August 12th 2018 2-3PM All Parents welcome to attend in the theatre

Performance Track Audition

Sunday, August 12th 2018 3-4:30PM Optional for dancers interested in being apart of the Performance Track for Phoenix Fire 2018. The Performance Track rehearse each evening until six or seven at night. Not everyone who auditions for the Performance Track will be part of every number and the Performance Track schedule will be released Sunday evening following auditions. We will be sending out audition requirements in the Official Welcome Packet.


All tickets are currently available to purchase here.

Purple Showcase: Sunday, August 18th 2018 1:15-2:30PM / $15 Per Ticket Please note: This showcase does not include the award ceremony

Gold Showcase: Sunday, August 18th 2018 / 3-4:45PM / $20 Per Ticket Please note: This showcase includes the award ceremony

Power-Up Cards, A Cashless Experience

Liberate Artists is a cashless experience. No cash will be accepted at anytime. We have created Power Up Cards which are our pre-paid Liberate Artists money cards that can be loaded with any sum of money for dancers to purchase snacks, merchandise, raffle tickets and more. Cards can be pre-bought online or at the merchandise table at Phoenix Fire.

Meals, Snacks, and Dinners – Oh My

Parents will be responsible for providing all meals and snacks. We suggest sending your dancer with their lunch & snacks when they are dropped off in the mornings. Liberate Artists will provide pizza for lunch prior to the Phoenix Fire Showcases. We will also have snacks available for purchasing using your Liberate Power-Up Card.

Dress Code

The Performance Track Crew clothing suggestions will be provided one month prior to Phoenix Fire 2018. Below is a breakdown of class clothing suggestions and crew colors.

Class Attire

  • Dance clothes and shoes in the appropriate styles for each class For Ballet, Leotard and Tights/Black Pants are required – for every other class please dress appropriately for each dance style.
  • Water Bottle
  • Deodorant
  • Pajamas Optional for dancers attending the Neon Party

Showcase Attire

  • Bobby Pins, Hair Ties, Makeup for Showcase (for dancers who require these items)
  • Black Shirt with no words or images
  • White Shirt with no words or images
  • Black Leggings or Dance Pants with no words or images
  • Pair of Jeans (that can be danced in)
  • Phoenix Fire 2018 Shirt Minishop Closed
  • Dressy Outfit for Showcase
Manhattan Crew: Pink Shirt or Tank Top with no words or images
Staten Island Crew: Green Shirt or Tank Top with no words or images
Brooklyn Crew: Blue Shirt or Tank Top with no words or images
Queens Crew: Neon (Pink, Yellow, Green, or Blue) Shirt or Tank Top with no words or images

Observer Passes

Observer Passes for Parents/Guardians

Parents and guardians are invited to attend the Welcome Ceremony and may purchase tickets for both Phoenix Fire Showcases. Additionally, parents may purchase an Observer Pass for $60.00 per person, to watch all Select Classes Daily. Below is a breakdown of what the Observer pass includes. They may be purchased online in the Welcome Page for Phoenix Fire 2018! Observer passes must be worn at all times for admittance to any classes and observers may not talk or disrupt class at anytime. If this happens observers will be asked to leave and no refund will be remitted. Observer Passes Purchasing is Closed

Observer Pass

  • Admittance to Select Faculty Classes Of The Day
    Mia Michaels
    Nathalie Marrable
    Sarah Burke
    Stephanie Bisonnette
    Nico Greetham
  • Admittance to Talk Back with Mia Michaels
  • Admittance to Talk Back with Nathalie Marrable
  • Admittance to Talk Back with Sarah Burke
  • Admittance to Talk Back with Stephanie Bisionette
  • Admittance to Talk Back with Nico Greetham
  • 10% Discount To Liberate Merch

Scholarship Application


You must be attending Liberate Artists Phoenix Fire August 12-18th, 2018 to apply.


  • Email personal essay in PDF answering the question: Why is dance education important in 2018? (500 Words or Less)
  • Video Submission (all requirements and guidelines will be listed below)


  • Failure to do so will result in making your application invalid.
  • The subject must be listed as follows:

Video Submission Guidelines: A Day In Your Dance Life

  • Please make a short 1-2 Minutes showcasing your skills as a dancer.
  • Be sure to slate the following information before your video: Name / Home Studio / Age.
  • Be creative, have fun. This video is for us to learn more about you!


Have someone else record you or use a tripod. Don’t hold the camera yourself. Please shoot landscape (horizontal) and not portrait (vertical). When shooting indoors, make sure to turn all the lights on. DO NOT tape in front a window with sunlight streaming in this will cause silhouetting and we will be unable to see your face. When shooting outdoors, avoid shooting with the sun directly behind you, this will cause silhouetting as well. Make sure we can hear you. Speak loudly and clearly.
Please note your video may be used as an example for next season and/or broadcast at Phoenix Fire if you are a winner. Do not submit your video until you have completed all of the other application requirements.


By winning this scholarship equivalent to the amount of your tuition for one dance year, September 2017 until June 2018, monthly checks will be given directly to your studio by Liberate Artists LLC. No funds will be given directly to parents, the intended purpose of this scholarship is to cover tuition only.


If you win you will be required to...
  • Write a thank you note to LA Partners.
  • Represent Liberate Artists INC as an ambassador for the duration of your scholarship year.
  • As an ambassador for Liberate Artists there is a social media requirement. Failure to abide by the social media requirements listed below may result in loss of your scholarship.

    As the winner of the scholarship you must uphold to the standards of Liberate Artists INC. You will not post any lewd or inappropriate comments or suggestions on social media and must always broadcast Liberate Artists INC in a positive light. Anything deemed inappropriate by Liberate Artists INC must be taken down from your Social Media account and may result in a loss of your scholarship.


Our fabulous official Phoenix Fire photographer Kisha Peart is back and will be taking dance shots and headshots right under the Brooklyn Bridge. You don’t want to miss this chance to get your photos done the the season. Please click the information packet for all details. $75.00 deposit is required to hold your spot. Email KishaPeart@yahoo.com to book your session during Phoenix Fire 2018.

Family Experiences

Mean Girls on Broadway

On Tuesday, August 14th all Prodiges will participate in a special workshop with Stephanie Bissonnette from Mean Girls on Broadway and that night all parents and dancers have the opportunity to attend the show! Liberate Team Members will also take all attendees to and from the theatre and drop them off at the hotel, getting the real NYC subway experience. Meet at Gelsey Kirkland at 5:30PM. Limited number of tickets. First come first serve. Purchase yours today.

Brooklyn Pizza & Ice Cream Tour

We will be hosting an afternoon family day on Thursday, August 16th 2018, 5:00PM - 8PM, for parents and (non-performance track) dancers to take a tour of Brooklyn through Pizza, Ice Cream, mini scavenger hunt, and walking the Brooklyn Bridge. Catch the sunset setting over Manhattan and have a fun, family, evening. The price is $20.00 per person + the cost of food. This tour will be 2 hours long. Meet at Gelsey Kirkland at 5:30PM.

Neon Pajama Dance Dessert Party

Free for all Phoenix Fire participants. Come dance with Liberate Staff to some tunes in your jammy jams. Featuring a dessert table, neon lights, and dance hits. Prodigies only! 7-8:30PM. No registration required, just show up ready to dance.


There are two showcases for Phoenix Fire, the Purple Showcase and the Gold Showcase. The showcases are broken up into two parts for the first show and three parts for the second show. Part A is the show Camp Prodigy, a written-out show where team Liberate arrange for actors to play the roles and dancers perform the characters. Due to the nature of additional rehearsal time required, Part A (in both showcases) will feature a majority of Performance Track dancers. Part B (in both showcase) is the time where we feature select choreography that each crew learned throughout the week, the Liberate Artists Dance Captain, and Prima numbers. This section will mostly feature Universal Track dancers. Part C (only in the 2nd showcase) is the award ceremony where we’ll award our LADC’s and title scholarship winners for the experience.

Showcase Ticket Info

  • $15.00 for Purple Showcase – Available for purchase here
  • $20.00 for Gold Showcase – Available for purchase here

Dancer Shoutouts

Dancer shoutouts will be delivered to dancers as one last break a leg from their families prior to the showcase and will be filled out online when purchasing showcase tickets. Dancer shout outs are $5.00 per dancer. Dancer Shoutouts Purchasing is Closed


The final schedule will be released one month prior to Phoenix Fire along with the Welcome Packet. We will send you updated schedules via email.


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